What should we take into account when using a colored lens?

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The contact lenses color are an option rather used among people who like to change their physical appearance, transform quickly and play with variations depending on the day, place or circumstance in which they are: work, leave party, etc.

Within the possibilities offered by opticians, colored white contacts lenses have the primary objective of changing the color of the eyes, so they are basically an aesthetic product. Of course, people with a refractive defect can wear prescription colored contact lenses and, in this way, kill two birds with one stone : correct their vision problem and change their image.

For those who want to wear colored contact lenses for pure trend or fashion, and who have never used prescription contact lenses, it is very important that they take certain precautions. Contact lenses are still a foreign object inside the eye that the body may tend to reject, especially if appropriate hygienic measures are not taken or we use them for many hours at once, without going through a progressive period to get used to wearing them.

These would be the basic precautions:

Use soft colored lenses, since they are the ones that most easily adapt to our eyes.

Use them in moderation, especially at the beginning. The first days it is not advisable to wear them for more than two hours at a time.

Strictly follow all the recommended hygienic measures , as if it were prescription contact lenses.

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How to choose the most suitable colored lenses?

Although when talking about colored lenses we enter a field as personal and subjective as personal tastes, following a series of recommendations can help us choose the ones that best suit us and improve our physical appearance: The main rule is to take into account the physiognomy of our face: face shape, skin color, hair color, etc.

If you have dark eyes, you can choose to wear contact lenses that transform them to a blue or green tone looking for a radical change, or add shine to your look without drastically modifying your appearance.

The same happens if our eyes are already light, we can transform them into dark or, simply, make them even lighter, looking for a slight change in our appearance or intensify our gaze.

In addition to colored lenses, there is also a type of contact lens capable of achieving spectacular effects: fluorescent lenses or cat-eye-type lenses, for example. Although this possibility, unless you are really very daring, is usually reserved for very special occasions, such as a Carnival party for example.

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