Learn More About Eyelash Extension Tips And Tricks

Every female dream of having amazing eyelashes from the moment of waking up.  It makes every person look beautiful and incredible.  However, different procedures need to be followed to maintain the eyelashes in their best condition.  Read more to know about several tips for maintaining the different quality of eyelashes for making them long lasting and durable.

 Stay away from water

The foremost step of maintaining the quality of eyelashes is to avoid contacting hot water and steam for the first 48 hours after the application process.  Make sure to make the Lash glue dry and measure the extension properly to the natural lashes.  Contact with steam and hot water can break the bond of adhesive. Do not go inside swimming pools wearing lash extensions immediately after applying.

 Do not apply any oil products

 The second most important thing of eyelash extension tips and tricks that you need to remember is to use any product that is free from oil.  Different kinds of oils that are present in cosmetics can weaken the power of lash glue.  Make sure to use water-based products for a few days by taking recommendations from experts.

 Cleaning process

 Lash extensions need to be cleaned for long-lasting and durable actions.  Different kind of extensions has respective cleansing set, which is ideal for different clients.  An expert suggests these sets after the application process with the cleansing brush.  It saves the extension of lashes from showering and removes dirt particles and natural oils that weaken the bond of adhesive. Try not to stand directly under the shower or inside the bathtub wearing lash extensions.

eyelash extension tips and tricks

 Use last friendly eyeliner

 Apart from cleaning and using water-based, products clients need to apply eyeliner free from excessive oil content.  Different brands of cosmetics have launched eyelash extension-friendly eyeliners that do not break the bond of glue and keep your extension intact in their places.  These eyeliners are specially designed for extension users, which make the lashes, look natural.

 Complete oil-free makeup remover

Finally yet importantly, eyelash extension tips and tricks are to use makeup removers that are free from oil.  Several makeup removers contain a variety of oils. These oils break down the lash adhesive and damage the natural lash.  These makeup removers are not suitable for your skin and eyes.  Several cosmetic brands have launched makeup remover pads that are ideal for removing makeup before applying for eyelash extensions. Maximum of these consists of 75 pads together, which are amazingly long lasting.

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