What Is The Significance Of Bashir Dawood?

Faith. A five letter word that binds together all of the people across the globe. People believe that their faith is what gives them hope and what makes them feel hope during times of despair. Whenever people feel that they are stuck in a negative situation that is beyond their control, they tend to have faith. While faith is common in all, it is the representation of faith that differs from people to people. Some people find peace and calm when they visit the bashir dawood mosque. Some people find the same feeling of solace, in a church. But why is this faith important? What is the significance of faith in any person’s life?

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Let us understand what role faith plays in a person’s life


The above mentioned question is a rather elaborate and a subjective one. Faith plays different roles in different people’s lives. As mentioned above largely it is a beacon of glimmer and hole during times of despair. However that’s not it. Faith also refers to a person’s patience and will power. Whenever people feel helpless or feel saturated from their life, they tend to keep moving forward because they keep the faith that better times would come. It is this same faith that motivates people to keep working towards a better future and a better life.

When we mention the term faith no particular God, goddess or any other deity pops up into our mind. What pops up is a phenomenon or a belief system that after a certain period of time, things will become exactly the way we wish for them to be. People who do not believe in God or the Almighty are said to be Aethists however, these are not the people who have said to lost hope. These are the people who believe that there is nothing left for them in the future irrespective of the presence of a God.

We as humans are fundamentally designed to never be satisfied with what we have and always want more. It is this desire of humans to keep wanting more that pushes them to work towards a better situation. However, while a majority of times things may work out in the favor of people, sometimes they don’t. It is faith of a better luck and better outcome that pushes people to keep trying and going on. Even in our darkest times, it is faith that pushes us to see the light and work towards it.

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