What Is CELTA and Why Do You Need It?

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What Is CELTA?

CELTA is short for  “Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,” which is a very nice qualification for those who want to teach the English language professionally– additionally, As mentioned earlier, CELTA is intended for individuals willing to become English as a second language teachers. This certificate is acknowledged and demanded in schools and institutions where the learning of foreign languages takes place.

The Structure of CELTA

A celta course, if taken full-time, normally lasts about four weeks. If taken full-time, the CELTA courses normally last for four weeks. They also come in part-time, sometimes lasting for a few months, depending on the program’s intensity. The course covers five main areas: The course covers five main areas:

  1. The Basics of Learners and teachers, as well the the context in teaching and learning
  2. Language Analysis and Awareness.
  3. Language Skills cover a wide range of topics, from Reading, Listening, Speaking, and even Writing.
  4. Planning and Resources for Different Teaching Contexts.
  5. Developing Teaching Skills and Professionalism.

All of these are areas that are important so trainees can get enough training to teach English effectively.

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CELTA: The Certificates That You Need

Professional Credibility

CELTA qualification ensures a teacher has been trained to certain standards and organizational requirements. This is because CELTA is approved by Cambridge English, and employers worldwide recognize this certificate. This can be helpful in the job market, especially in the English language teaching profession, which has quite a lot of competition.

Teaching Skills

CELTA teaches you about ‘how to teach’ in a classroom. It also teaches how to develop lesson plans, manage a class, and use various teaching styles. Because real teaching situations are simulated, it is necessary to make things realistic by using real tools.

Global Opportunities

As is obvious, with a CELTA qualification, you can teach English in almost every corner of the globe. It is also important to note that most foreign and local schools prefer or request teachers with CELTA certification. This helps the person open new doors regarding travel and other working opportunities.


Overall, a CELTA certificate is something that you need in order to teach people and pursue a professional career of teaching English because it accredits professional experience, teaches knowledge and skills that can be helpful while teaching, and gives an opportunity to work in other countries.

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