Top Tips to Play Teen Patti Game in a Right Way

Teen Patti is highly considered as the game of luck, but a proper strategic plan will help you to win this game and achieve good values when having fun. Teen Patti is a popular traditional game played during festivals in various Indian households, but with rise of other cards games online, Teen Patty game has actually gained huge popularity among the online wagerers. If you are looking to play Teen Patty game, then Recharge teen Patti gold now

Teen Patty card game is much more than just having fun for a lot of players; it delivers complete entertainment to shatter sequence of the monotonous daily life. If you’re looking for some tricks that will help you understand this game better, you are at a right place. In this post, we have provided you tried and tested methods that will help you in the next game.

Basic Teen Patty Rules of This Game

This card game begins when all the players are ready to get the cards. After that dealer deals these cards anti-clockwise and with every player getting three cards each.

Players now can decide when the turn comes if they want to:

  • Play ‘Blind’ – Keep cards faced down
  • Play ‘Seen’ – You can see the cards

Suppose you’re playing blind, then you should play the current stake. Suppose you have seen the Teen Patti sequence, then you should play as much as your current stake or twice.

If you’re playing blind, you may look at the cards at any time in a game. Then you become the seen player and right after that turn, rules for the seen player will be applied.

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An Amazing Game to Play with Your Friends at Home

The Teen Patty Card game can also be played by 10 players at one time. This gives an opportunity for the friends to bond and socialize. It is ideal for relaxing with your family as well as for meeting the new people. This game is mainly played during special events and occasion and is enjoyed by everyone in the family small and big both. This game is played for  hours and helps to connect with more people.

No Need of Big Bankroll

When you are playing this game with your family and friends, you do not need money to join this game. Besides when you are playing online, there are sites that will allow you play your favourite Teen Patty game without involving any kind of money to get the stake.

Teen Patti Game Works Great Online & Real Life Too

You can have similar benefits and fun of the game when you are playing physically or online with your friends. You need to use the similar strategies and same moves. Certain moves like playing chaal play, blind, tie, sideshow, and pack exist even online and real-life version too. For example, you can play Teen Patti online for free. Make sure you choose the right website where you can have endless fun.