Social Justice in Singapore- Status and Situation

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Social justice is a term that says ‘everybody deserves equal political, social, and economic opportunities. Many social workers are working toward reaching a level of equity. Social justice is important because it promotes fairness irrespective of caste, creed, sex, race, and gender. social justice singapore has gone through a revolution. There have been many developments made in terms of social justice. In an interview with Ronal JJ Wong, the author of the book ‘The Justice Demand- Social Justice and The Singapore Church,’ they talked about the difference between social justice in Southeast Asia and America. He mentioned the difference in the role of the Government and civil society in both regions.

Condition of Social Justice in Singapore

In the United Nations General Assembly, Singapore put forth its concern about the changes required in society. In 2013, there was an incident that occurred with the bus workers. They were arrested and prosecuted just because they tried to voice their concerns. This incident took all the people to a shock because it was not just about workers. It showed how lightly Government takes the fundamental and social rights of the people. Today, people can come forward and speak about their issues. However, it is not enough. The Government needs to take those issues and the fundamental rights of its citizens seriously. Without a proper framework, the nation cannot ensure the dignity and safety of anyone. The good part is that the center in Singapore tells its people to help form the framework. It means that there is the democracy that one needs.

Social Justice in Singapore- Status and Situation

As Singapore is a capitalist democracy, its major achievement is the establishment of policies and terms. Capitalist nations are known to invest in human capital programs. These programs help in human development and gaining knowledge. One of the features of these programs is they promote solidarity. They provide opportunities for everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, or sex.

Consequences of no social justice

No social justice means no equality and integrity. It would be a crisis if people started getting discriminated against, which is still true for most nations. It can lead to frustration, self-destruction, anxiety, depression, etc., amongst the masses.


To conclude, it can be observed that social justice in any nation is a necessity. People will fall into great disparity if there is no social framework. There are still many changes required not only in Singapore but other nations as well.

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