Responsibility Without The Unnecessary Hassle, Eco Guardians

Responsibility Without The Unnecessary Hassle, Eco Guardians

Eco Guardians will help get your business into the circular economy, where cutting-edge eco-tech can boost profits and save the planet.

They have helped customers in the fields of healthcare, education, prisons, mining, local government, and agriculture achieve regulatory compliance, maximize synergies, and encourage creative problem solving. No need to be shy with asking questions or inquiries because they want to help you so go and contact eco guardians now

Products from Eco-Guardian:

Agricultural fertilizer

On-site installation of the food recycling machine decreases the amount of food waste generated and the associated expenses and emissions related to waste transportation, while simultaneously transforming the remaining food waste into a nutrient-rich organic soil enhancer.

There is solid evidence that using this (SoilFoodTM) fertilizer can boost soil quality and plant health.

To use the Rocket Composter, just throw your food scraps and other organic waste into the top hopper and add an equivalent amount of “woody” material.

Since the Rocket is an automatic composter, the next steps are simple. As the internal shaft’s blades rotate, they aerate the material, which is then pushed along the machine’s body. This creates more loading space at the machine’s inlet and more output for the finished product. Trash from today is removed two weeks and one day from now, making the average residence duration for food or organic waste 14 days.

Adding new garbage (their food) to a nice, warm, moist, and well-ventilated compost environment (the Rocket®) helps them to reproduce, eat, multiply more, and grow.

commercial composting Australia

Protection from

The Grease Guardian is the best indoor grease trap system for removing fat, oil, and food scraps from wastewater because it is designed with dependability and efficiency in mind from the ground up.

The grease trap alternative from Eco Guardians is a cost-effective approach to prevent waterway pollution, and it is used widely in grocery stores, restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, athletic arenas, and airports.


Kitro, formed by people in the hotel industry, works to prevent the unnecessary disposal of precious materials. KITRO is a state-of-the-art imaging device that can instantly evaluate uneaten food.

It is feasible to evaluate and keep track of garbage quantities and categories with the help of KITRO technology. In doing so, you’ll be able to reduce food waste, your company’s environmental effect, and your expenses associated with acquiring food.

KITRO is an AI-powered hardware and software solution that tracks trash, takes pictures, logs how long it takes and how much it weighs, as well as the corresponding costs on both the corporate and ecological levels.

commercial composting Australia is available at, where you can also ask questions and find out more. Eco Guardians, the solution for responsible business and for the sake of our beloved Earth!

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