Make up is an art but hairstyle is EVERYTHING

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Hair can influence our day. Who doesn’t like to come out of the salon feeling like a million dollars? But first choosing hairstyle according to the necessity will make you look like a stylista! Dive into know!

CHOOSING RIGHT HAIRSTYLE ACCORDING TO FACE SHAPE: – Not all hairstyles suit everybody! This is because the face shape of them may be different, so it matters how you choose the hairstyle keeping in mind your face shape. Here let’s see few examples to understand this better so that you won’t mess it up!

A bob hairstyle, medium length hair with light waves can be classy on an ‘oval shaped face’. If you have a circle face then never let your hair be shorter than your chin. A long fringe or a ponytail with silk scarves can be a choice for you. As of rectangle shaped face medium waves and a fringe or bob fringe can be perfect!

For those girls with heart or diamond shaped faces can look glammy with medium hair side plate or medium length curls. Layered cut and curls can be a go to for square shaped faces!

DRESSING ACCORDING TO OCASSION: – The following are the hairstyles for every occasion be it school or a glam up date, they are super easy to do and will leave you looking glamorous!

If you are a working woman and you are running out of time every morning, then classic bun will be you’re in your rescue team. This will look classy, formal and a quick hairstyle for your workplace. A low bun can also be a good choice. This will be undisturbed the whole day and you can have all the time you want to concentrate on your work. You can make it stylish by adding some more additions to it such as a front plate and then a bun! Be creative girls!

And if you want glam in your sexy torn jeans and crop tops, then high pony tail with silk scarves must be your choice! You can add a twist and turn plate with your front hair on both sides and then make a high pony tail! You can consider a side puff too! This needs no extra time and friendly enough.

If you are heading to weddings or functions and messed up what to do, but look gorgeous in the family, a tendril bun can come to your savage! Straighten your hair by adding some serum and leave few strands on to your face and start making a plate on the front and then adding to the bun make proper fixes with pins. Roll the jasmine or lily garlands all around your bun. This look is perfect for Indian wear. Beautiful matching long earrings will be your go to! Glam up beautiful girls!

You can look elegant in a simple embroidered top too! Just by setting your hair beautiful. You can straight your hair, add some soft curls on the below part. Take the front hair part and make a simple fish tail braid and safe it with u pins. Leave your hair and hair spray to keep it unmoved. You are ready to and look beautiful in the simplest look you have too!

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