How Much CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer?

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CBD is not just for humans – CBD oil for dogs can also have a multitude of benefits. The following article will explore the research that has been done in order to identify the appropriate dosage, as well as what ailments CBD oil might be able to treat. So, How much CBD oil for dogs with cancer?


The following article is going to explore the research that has been done in order to identify what types of outcomes may be possible from using CBD oil for dogs with cancer.

What is it?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is one of 80+ compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. The CBD oil we are familiar with is made from industrial hemp and often used as a food supplement. It has recently gained popularity for its potential medicinal uses which includes relieving pain, improving mood and reducing inflammation.

How much cbd oil for dogs with cancer?

What does it do?

CBD helps to stimulate your canine’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for keeping several of your dog’s systems in balance. This can include, regulation of the digestive tract, immunity, nervous system and the endocrine system including their hormone levels. The key to CBD’s medicinal effects lie in its ability to help regulate your dog’s own ECS along with normalizing their other body systems. A study conducted by Bergamaschi et al. (2011) suggests that dogs that receive CBD for 12 weeks show “significant improvements in one clinical descriptor, hypoactivity.

It doesn’t get you high – how does it work?

In order to understand what CBD can do for your dog, you first have to understand how your dogs body works from a chemical perspective. The body has two main types of cells called the ‘progenitor’ or the ‘stem cells’. These stem cells are constantly dividing in order for your dog’s different organs and systems to remain in balance. However, this constant renewal process can sometimes cause some of these stem cells to lose their way and become malignant which is why cancer occurs.

CBD impacts cancer cells by influencing the signal transduction pathways that control cell growth and invasion. By doing this, it can stimulate apoptosis in the cancer cells, causing them to die while leaving normal cells intact.

So how much CBD should I use?

It is hard to determine an exact dose due to the fact it varies depending on your dog’s weight and other factors. However, a typical range is 2-5mg per pound of bodyweight as an initial dose then slowly tapering off as your dog builds up a tolerance to CBD or until you have achieved the intended results.

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