Hire Cars in Australia at Highly Affordable Cost

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Hiring a car may be your only option when you need to get to a particular destination on time. It will give you access to an automobile that can convey you to your destinations very easily without going through any stress whatsoever. Queuing at the bus stationis not an exciting thing. You will never have to be subjected to such if you hire a car that can take you to anywhere you need to be.  It is better to travel in your own car but not having your own car should not stop you from travelling with ease. The hired car can stand in the place of your own car and make your traveling a lot easier.There are so many outlets offering car hire services out there today, making it easier for those who need car hire service to access discount car rental.

You will never regret patronizing Alpha Car Hire when looking for a car hire service in Australia.  This outlet had been in the business for a very long time and will surely be there to always meet your needs.  In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn about some of the many features that make this outlet to stand out from others.

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Use your own driver

You are free to use your own driver for the car you hire from this outlet.The outlet offers a highly flexible service that enables everyone to bring any driver of their choices. However, you are required to include the name of the driver in the rental agreement.  The car hire service is also affordable. In fact, you can enjoy discount car rental when you partner with the outlet.In case you did not include a driver’s name at the initial stage, you can always add the driver at a later date before your contract with the outlet expires. This is one of themany features that make the car hire service offered here very unique.

You need a license

Before you can hire a car from this outlet, you are required to provide a license. The license will serve as an evidence of your ability to drive the car. Alpha Car Hire, however, demandsthat the driver’s license you provide is in the English language.  It is also expected to include your photo or that of the person to act as your driver during the contract.  In case the license is providedin a language different from English, you are requiredto include an approved translation with it, like the International Driving Permit, which must also be included with your domestic driver’s license.

You can only drive any of the cars offered here for hire if you are over 25 years old. Anyone younger than this is, therefore, not allowed to hire a car from the outlet.

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