Need Baby’s Safety Switch to Cot Bumper Singapore

When it comes to cot bumper, it can be described as a material piece inserted mainly around the baby’s cot’s inner edges. Initially, they were manufactured to keep ahead of the baby from getting stuck or falling through between the crib’s slats. It is thick for preventing the infant from rolling between the cot frame and mattress space. The cot bumpers are usually cheap, and availability is wide. The materials and styles used are highly varied, making it a tempting potential baby shower gift and addition to the baby room. Like cot bumper singapore, there are other countries too that manufacture cot bumpers.

Requirement of cot bumper

  • Most of the cot bed bumpers are distinctive from the bedsheet, and there is still baby potential to fall.
  • Other solutions are there, such as folding materials between the cot slats. Also, cot bed bumpers are used to make cot beds smaller, preventing falling.
  • There is a need to consider the baby’s age before installing a cod bumper. If a baby is 4-9 months younger or old, there is a child rolling risk underneath the bumper.cot bumper singapore


  • They come in distinctive shapes, colors and sizes.
  • It prevents the child from falling out of bed while sleeping or getting legs sticks, usually between cot slats.
  • During blissful nap times, prevent headbanging crib parties.
  • Keep baby’s legs and arms from getting stuck generally in the slats and sending off a 3 am screamfest as hard to recover from.
  • They corral the pacifiers as increasing the chances baby might one on his own.

Alternative to a cot bumper

  • Infant sleeping bags- Until the child is 8.8 lbs or over, this should not be used, and if it is used, then must pay attention to room heating.
  • Bed guards- They are helpful during a baby’s transition from a cot to a regular bed.
  • Bassinets- For younger infants, they are helpful and generally have low mobility because they are essentially an open box to put the child in.
  • Mesh liners- According to CPSC, it is better to use a mesh liner for safety reasons.


It can be concluded that on cot bumper Singapore, there is a regulation on the width of crib slat, which means the original intent is no longer necessary. Cot bumpers are traditionally referred to as fabric bolt that mainly revolves around the crib inside and protects the baby’s tender noggin.