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Respirators are essential for keeping both employees and the general public safe on the job. A respirator keeps hazardous particles like dust, silica, and airborne viruses out of your lungs when working on a construction site. On job locations where hazardous particles or chemicals are present, respirators are required. Respirators function by removing pollutants from the air or purifying it chemically. The importance of respirators became more obvious after humanity faced the deadly pandemic caused by the covid 19 virus, many people survived because of respirators while many died due to lack of respirators. This should encourage everyone to take the respirator fit test singapore if it is due.

What are respirators?

A respirator is a device that protects the wearer from harmful atmospheres such as fumes, vapors, gases, and particle matter like dust and airborne germs. The air-purifying respirator, which obtains breathing air by filtering a polluted atmosphere, and the air-supplied respirator, which delivers an alternate source of breathable air, are the two primary kinds. To decrease or remove hazardous airborne pollutants, several approaches are used within each category. Air-purifying respirators range in price from low-cost single-use disposable face masks known as dust masks to more durable reusable versions with replacement cartridges known as gas masks.

respirator fit test Singapore

Advantages of using respirators

There are many advantages of using a respirator. Some of the major ones are:

  • Respirators prevent harmful substances from entering the body. This may include soot from machines, harmful/poisonous gases, and so on. This is the reason why many industries like the healthcare industry, the defense industry, etc., use respirators readily.
  • Since respirators prevent harmful substances in the air from entering our body, it helps to prevent the spread of many serious diseases and viruses. A very good example of this is the ongoing pandemic where respirators prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus.
  • Respirators help doctors to prevent any kind of infection from patients. Also, respirators protect patients from any infection they can catch from doctors.

What is Fit Testing?

The majority of respirators rely on a good seal between the respirator body and the wearer’s face. Fit testing techniques have been established to guarantee that the respirator is suitable for the wearer and that the donning technique is capable of achieving a sufficient seal. The poor fit might reduce the total filtering efficacy of the respirator by as much as 65 percent. Based on a test of nine distinct models, a study on respirator efficacy done in Beijing discovered that face fit was the major contributor to total inward leakage (TIL). TIL should be less than 5% with a high-quality respirator. A beard or other facial hair might obstruct a good respirator fit test singapore.


Ultimately, respirators are very important for a variety of reasons. So if you still haven’t had your fit testing for respirators then do so today.

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