All information about pentest Singapore

All information about pentest Singapore

Pentest Singapore is a crucial phase of fortifying or maintaining your IP, signals, physical security, and networks. It includes providing the pen testers authorization to hack, identify, and test probable vulnerabilities in new or existing systems, apps, and networks, to be safe against third-party breaches by other cyber attackers.

Pentest terms to the method of systematically attacking your network and system to expose and identify several faults as you probably can, through several points of vantage. Security researchers and ethical hackers carry out tests with the full authorization and knowledge of the client.

These testers utilize external and internal breaches on your network devices, mobile devices, wireless networks, web applications, intranets, servers, and any point available for entrance. After this is done, testers produce a report on their research and in a few cases, even proffer remediation suggestions.

Pentest Singapore has been performed since the year 1990 but surely modified in recent years. The physical estimate of attack modeling has not washed away, but you can tighten your security even more by using pentest.

When to carry out this test?

pentest singapore

You must carry out pentest if you:

  • Suspect or discover new threats to IT
  • Update or create a new organization software or intranet
  • Relocate your network or office or transfer entirely to an environment of remote work.
  • Fix up a few fresh units of data storage, or relocate
  • If lately attacked via adware or ransomware
  • Set up a new program or policy for end-user.

These are some of the major situations when you need to perform pentest.

Securing the company and its assets is not the single reason to perform pentest. With the help of this, you can secure the client data, decrease cyber risk, fulfill the needs of stakeholders, and preserve the company’s reputation and image.

It’s essential to learn that adherence is no more the prior reason for pentest. As per the recent research of cybersecurity managers, CISOs, and engineers, just sixteen percent of companies test completely for adherence reasons, whereas around sixty-one percent of reacted cited the finest practice as an objective for testing.

Types of pentest

There are many different types of pentest Singapore, let’s have a glance at some of them.

  1. Web application test
  2. Network test
  3. Wireless security test
  4. Social engineering test
  5. Infrastructure test
  6. IoT pentest
  7. PCI pentest

These are the top seven types of pentest performed mainly.

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